Alex Sugarman
Alex Sugarman

Audio Production, Voice, & Winds North Hollywood, LA

Alex Charles is a Los Angeles-based singer, saxophonist, and music producer. He graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music as a voice principal with a degree in Writing and Production. Since moving to LA, Alex has been steadily making his mark in the music industry. He has been writing music for Warner Brothers Television for over two years. His songs and original music have been consistently placed on major network television shows on FOX, BET, NBC, and more. Alex recently wrote, produced, and sang on several spots for the Ellen Degeneres Show, including the Season 16 national campaign. As a saxophonist, Alex has performed and recorded with major artists, such as Camila Cabella, Eric Bellinger, T-Pain, D.R.A.M., Kat DeLuna, Futuristc, Jesse and Joy, and Gente De Zona. He was a featured soloist on Brent Faiyaz’s Sonder Son, which was on Rolling Stone’s list of Top 20 R&B Albums of 2017. He also plays on the Lebron James TV series Best Shot, whose soundtrack recently caught the attention of the GRAMMY’s and was featured on their website.

As a solo artist, Alex has released several singles which have garnered hundreds of thousands of listens on Spotify. His debut music video, “Do You Still Think of Me?” premiered on Valentines Day in 2018. He describes his music is a soulful blend of electronic R&B & Pop.


As someone who has taught students of all ages, levels, and disciplines, Alex takes pride in the impact he has had on his students. With his encouraging yet structured approach, he has been able to help students find their voices as musicians and surprise themselves with skills they never imagined were possible!

"Alex is a really fun guy and is showing me the ropes to singing! I can't wait for another lesson." -Edward H.

Art Banymandhub
Art Banymandhub

Guitar & Upright Bass San Diego, CA

Art Banymandhub is an electric and double bassist based in the south of England and now living in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Born in Mauritius, he began his musical endeavors on classical guitar at six years old. He drew inspiration from classical, pop, folk, and classic rock from an early age with idols such as Slash, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, and more.


Art holds a Master’s degree in popular music from Leeds College of Music, where he began his career as a bassist, and a First Class Honors degree from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. He was a student of bassists Damon Minchella and Stuart Clayton. Art performs regularly in the metal, folk, blues, and jazz scenes. He has released two books alongside two solo bass guitar albums. 


With over a decade of private music study, a number of years of state school, and experience teaching in classroom settings, Art incorporates a wide range of technologies, resources, and strategies to keep his students engaged and inspired. Art’s goal is to make music as accessible as possible to students on any instrument and any level of study. 

Daniel Rosales
 Daniel Rosales 

Guitar Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Rosales holds a Master of Music degree in Performance with an emphasis on classical guitar from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor of Music degree in Performance from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi.


In addition to his classical training, Daniel has performed other genres, such as Latin, world, Cuban, salsa, Spanish rock, rock, metal, blues, nuevo flamenco, jazz, folk, and singer-songwriter. 


Daniel has performed at numerous venues in Spain, Turkey, and Mexico, as well as venues in Texas, Arizona, California, and Oregon. He recorded two albums with his former Latin/world music band Mundo that feature all original music. He is a registered ASCAP songwriter and is currently working on new music to be released in 2019. 


Daniel has taught private and group guitar lessons at various colleges and music academies, as well as freelance, for several years. His unique ability to learn different styles of music with virtuosity and finesse is a valuable asset to his teaching. He believes that everyone has the potential to learn a musical instrument, and that with the right guidance, a dream can become a reality!

Jonathan Snell-Callanen
 Jonathan Snell-Callanen 

Drums, Guitar, Piano, & Voice Los Angeles, CA

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Jonathan began playing cello at age 9 and guitar at 13. An immense passion for classic rock, blues, and jazz lead him to study at Musicians Institute (M.I.) in Los Angeles, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Guitar Performance. At M.I., he studied with some of the most sought after L.A. session players, including Carl Verheyen, Sid Jacobs, and Dan Gilbert. While guitar is his primary instrument, he also plays and teaches piano, voice, drums, and ukulele. When he’s not playing gigs around L.A, he’s writing, arranging, recording, and mixing his own songs and compositions. 

Jonathan believes that teaching not only motivates and inspires, but makes what seems impossible to the beginner student, entirely manageable. As a teacher, he feels great satisfaction in simplifying musical concepts for his students, so they can learn a new piece one step at a time, at a comfortable pace. Fun is an important part of his students’ process!

"I'm having a lot of fun with Eugene's Music Studio as it's pushing me to my goals better than I could ever do. Two lessons in and I don't regret find this studio. Great services!" - Jairo D.

"Jonathan is very patient with our young son, who is nearly three. He tries various short activities during each lesson that seem to fit well with his attention span. He targets different skills, such as building a sense of rhythm or gaining some familiarity with the workings of a piano, and tries to frame things in ways that are appealing to a preschool-aged child." - Asher Fogg

"I love coming to my lessons! I enjoy learning about the range of the piano and the exciting music I can make."  - Heidy

Joshua Bonas
Joshua Bonas

Strings & Voice San Diego, CA

Joshua hails from Nashville, TN. An accomplished guitarist and DJ, he is well versed in performing many 

different genres. He graduated from the prestigious University of California San Diego's computer music program with a BA in Interdisciplinary Computing Arts.  He earned his Master's in Education and a teaching credential in English.    


Josh is also a composer. He self-released his first album Castaway in 2011. He collaborates with electronic producer and DJ Jake Schneider on their DJ/acoustic fusion act, ShowingULove.    


When Josh is not performing or working on his music, you can find him spending time with his daughter and wife, in the line-up catching some waves, or teaching English and literature to high school students.