Gustavo Correa

Guitar Arlington, VA 

Gustavo Correa is a guitarist, composer, and teacher with the utmost love for music. He received his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where he studied under Tom Lagana. He has played with various ensembles such as the University of Maryland Baltimore County Jazz Ensemble and the Montgomery College Latin Ensemble, as well as in many of his own groups around the Washington, DC, and Maryland areas. Gustavo loves playing jazz, latin, blues, and rock. 


Gustavo discovered his love for teaching in high school when he volunteered as a teacher aid at the George B.Thomas Learning Academy. At the Learning Academy, Gustavo helped students with various subjects, including Math and English. He hopes to share the joy of music with his students so that they may grow to be wonderful and confident musicians.

Matt Fusiek
Matt Fusiek

Piano, Guitar, & Percussion Manassas Park, VA

A passionate multi-instrumentalist and recording artist, Matthew Fusiek has been playing and studying music for roughly two decades. His background in jazz studies, music theory, and recording engineering provides a unique and motivational approach to his teaching. He teaches guitar, bass, drums, percussion, and piano to all ages.

His formal music education began under Herbert Smith, the director of the jazz program at Northern Virginia Community College, where Matt performed in his jazz ensemble. Diving deeper into guitar concepts, he studied under guitar masters Taimoor Saeedi and Sanjay Mishra, a student of the legendary guitarist Jerry Garcia. His background in traditional music theory was obtained under the tutelage of Dr. James Fay and Professor Rebert Webb. Matt was deeply humbled to learn that his analysis of Claude Debussy's Nuages was used as an example for future advanced music theory classes.

Matt is no stranger to teaching and leading classes. He is currently leading the after-school guitar program at Armstrong Elementary School in Reston, Virginia, for Eugene's Music Studio. Proper technique and posture, as well as effective breathing and stretching practices, is something he considers very important in a developing musician. He considers his positive reinforcement and motivational approach to be one of his greatest assets as a teacher. To him, teaching music appreciation is changing the world in a positive way and he takes that mission seriously.

Matt also attended Omega Studios' School of Recording Arts and Sciences in Maryland, earning his degree in Recording Engineering and Studio Techniques. The art of capturing sound is also of great interest to him, having spent countless hours recording, mixing, and mastering various styles of music.

Whether you're interested in starting your child on an instrument, or you simply want to learn to play your favorite songs, Matt is ready to help you at any stage of your musical journey.

"My son loves his lessons with Matt - Matt is an enthusiastic and engaged teacher, who has really personalized my son's lessons to his interests and skill level." - Jasmine Chmiel