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Eugene's Music Studio


Eugene's Music & Learning Studio was founded by Eugene Posniewski in 2011. Eugene started teaching in Westchester when he moved here in 2012. He has continued to grow his private studio with amazing families and students who have helped build a beautiful, musical, and learning community. Eugene has always dreamed of providing a community for all students and families seeking extra-curricular education. In 2018, he decided to make that dream come true. With over 70 teachers, our goal is to provide extra-curricular education to students of all ages in-home, in-studio, and online. Our teachers are deeply invested in their students' education. They are always looking for ways to make their students' learning experience more rewarding.

Our director, Eugene, absolutely loves the learning process and looks forward to every lesson and new challenge. Each student has a different path, which keeps it interesting and exciting! We hope you'll join us on this incredible journey!


Meet Our Staff

Owner & Director

Eugene pic_edited.jpg

Eugene Posniewski


Jacob Rivera 

Relationship Manager


Amelia Burshe

Front Desk Manager

Admin Assistant

Admin Manager

Media and Marketing 

Jessica Gambino .jpg

Jessica Gambino


Annmarie Errico

Admin Assistant

Assistant Directors


Anneke Harger

Assistant Director of Voice


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