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The jewel-box music studio in Port Chester is deceptively serene and orderly. Yet what happens within and without is a series of concert wins, international recognition, evening recitals, and non-stop collaborations between professionals and students. The remote teaching arm is as robust as the in-studio business. And teachers are constantly devising new ways to find the perfect piece, the one that’s “so him or so her” or “just the selection to take so-and-so to the next level of musicianship”. The quiet, unassuming teaching method brings students to their highest, most confident level of playing yet somehow the ambiance remains low-stress, uber friendly, and affirming. Parents often don’t realize how much better their child is becoming until they hear one singing upstairs or playing bass in the basement and think to themselves, “Is there a friend over or something?”!

The founder, Eugene Posniewski, knew from age four that he would build a music studio and dreamt of people coming from all over to study with his hand-picked roster of teachers. It was so vivid that his father, a diesel mechanic, promised him at that early age, “If you can draw it on paper, I’ll make sure we build it for you!”

         Twenty five years later, Eugene spends hours at his beautifully built studio, now in its fifth year, directing over 30 highly-trained faculty to teach over 275 students. He also rents instruments to anyone, whether or not they take lessons from his studio. Personally teaching over 30 students, he regularly submits their musical selections to nationwide and international competitions securing several European and Carnegie Hall Winners Circles and has medals to show for them. His passion is music and he’ll eagerly customize music plans for specific purposes. Whether you need someone to prepare your child for their upcoming role in the school musical or want to spend the summer learning the ukulele, he’ll find the right teacher for the situation. It’s part musical instinct, part match-making. And students are encouraged to try multiple teachers. Eugene is a polyglot and plays multiple (seven!) instruments, as well as sings opera. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Voice and Opera Performance from the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase College. He’s performed in several countries and maintains close ties with his alma mater, the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, using their recording facilities for students.

         Whether you’re in need of lessons, a re-boot from abandoned violin playing of your youth, need an instrument, or have a loved one who could use the healthiest dose of left-brain-hemisphere nutrition, check out Eugene’s Music & Learning Studio on North Main Street in Port Chester.


-Studio Parent, Stephanie Stiker

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