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Studio Festival & NYSSMA 

Our Studio Festival program is an invaluable opportunity for students to perform and work with a professional adjudicator, receive constructive feedback on their evaluation, and build their resume/portfolio. This is also a sure way for our students to feel equipped with the necessary tools to be successful at NYSSMA.


We encourage all of our NYSSMA students to participate in our Studio Festival. We host regular sight reading, solfege, scales, and performance/repertoire classes. Each class is geared toward one level of students, we set goals for upcoming classes, and students are sent home with progress reports. Waiting until the last minute will not allow for success at NYSSMA, so we gladly use this as a means to help cultivate short-term and long-term goals for our students. 

1) All NY students are eligible for NYSSMA (even if they live in another state, but attend school in NY).
2) All students are eligible for the Studio Festival (regardless of state residency).
3) All students who participate and pass through the program will be showcased in an Honors Recital.

Piano Studio Festival 2022 

Studio Festival Collage.jpg

Voice Studio Festival 2023 

Studio Voice Festival 2023..jpg

Piano Studio Festival 2023 

May 20, 2023


May 19, 2023


Honors Recital 2023

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