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Parlez-vous français ?

Eugene's MLS offers French Language Lessons.


Our language curriculum allows the student to work at their own pace while regularly using their new language skills!

French Classes with Elise

Elise believes immersion and conversation are the best tools for learning a new language! Every lesson begins with a simple conversation that introduces common French words and expressions. By practicing conversation, students get comfortable and confident with the pronunciation of challenging vowel sounds. Each lesson also incorporates a brief review of the previous lesson to ensure language retention. 


For beginners, Elise groups new words into themes, and then shapes those words into simple phrases. She loves introducing beginner students to French poems, songs, and short stories to familiarize students with grammar rules, synonyms, antonyms, and faux amis - words that look the same in English and in French but have completely different meanings! For advanced students, Elise incorporates more elaborate texts, such as chapter books and newspaper articles to expand reading comprehension, vocabulary, conjugation, and writing skills. 


Above all, Elise's goal is to spark curiosity about French language and culture. She believes in letting students' interest guide the choice of teaching materials to ensure maximum engagement and fun!

French Classes with Maura

French language is the key to the rich and fascinating Francophone world. As a language teacher, I value imparting the history, nuance, and diversity of the culture just as much as the language itself. In this course we will learn the important fundamentals that go into learning any language including: pronunciation, vocabulary, syntax, grammar, and spelling. An ease and comfortability with having conversations in French will be the focal point of the course. Additionally, we will learn French language through learning about French culture. Whether that be in the form of French news articles, or topics unique to the culture itself, we will develop a richer understanding of the francophone world together.

Learning a foreign language as an adult is unique in that we usually have a personal goal in mind for doing so. These could be big or small- whatever your goal, I will actively work with you to help you meet it while giving you access to a supportive, positive, and patient space to do so.

We will advance progressively week by week and devote time every week to refining our aural, writing, and oral skills.



A Notebook- Having a notebook dedicated to your French studies is imperative as we will be covering a lot of information and it’s always great to go back and refer to old lessons. In language you take everything you learn with you!



My vision for this course is to create a supportive, creative, and warm environment for determined, motivated, and enthusiastic individuals to learn French. Some of the most brilliant ideas came from people communing Parisian Café’s, and my wish is to replicate the joy and comfortability of being in a coffee shop with friends while focally and brilliantly achieving our goals as learners of the French language. 

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